BA LLB; Entrepreneurial Growth Forum (London Business School); ACC (Associate Coaching Certification)

Debbie is the founder and CEO of Jack Hammer, Africa’s largest executive search firm; Virtual Coaching Partners (an online coaching platform); and hiresmiths, a US-based consultancy which teaches entrepreneurs how to hire, onboard and retain the right people.

Her first book (on team culture), “IntheFlow – Taking Mindfulness to Work”, was listed in the ‘Top 10 Best’ South African business books. Her next one, ‘Inside the Interview – The Secret to Great Hiring Decisions’, will be published in 2019.

As a global expert in the world of leadership, diversity and executive hiring (as well as being a serial entrepreneur), Debbie delivers keynotes and workshops internationally.

Two of her newest initiatives are a diversity study through Harvard Business School, and an international peer learning program for social entrepreneurs.

Currently based out of the USA, she plays a global leadership role in EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organisation).

Debbie’s style and vision may come from her somewhat unconventional background: In her ‘first’ career, she was an award-winning contemporary dancer and choreographer…whilst completing her law degree! Her great passion for kids (her own, as well as children in distress) and dance have an outlet in the Heart Projects she invests in through Jack Hammer.

At midday, most days of the week, you’ll find her in a dance class.

Debbie Goodman-Bhyat

Success Stories

“Thank you for rocking the Mindfulness Masterclass this morning, and for skilfully facilitating- whilst remaining human, relevant and easy to identify with. It was fantastic.”

Helene Lindsay, Head of Customer, Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

“I would like to thank you for your great presentation. It took me time to absorb and reflect the key points and I must say I love it! Will be happy to know where I can buy your book as I want to buy if for my EO board here in Israel.  I think they deserve to read and adapt your great perspective. Thank you again!”

Lior Nabat, (former) EO President, EO Israel

“A huge thank you from all of us at SAVCA for your support and valuable contribution to making SAVCA 20/20: Hindsight. Insight. Foresight. a reality. The positive feedback has been overwhelming and your session has been so well received – there has been a request for more exposure to you / your organisation.”

Tanya van Lill, CEO, SA Venture Capital Association