Inside the Interview – Coming Soon

We all know that there is a tremendous amount of artifice and ‘game-playing’ that takes place in an interview. Everyone is on their finest behaviour, trying to show themselves off at their best. It’s a courting ritual, a masquerade ball, a show. And as a result, it’s really hard – and takes time and skill – to figure out what’s actually going on behind the mask, behind the curtain, behind all of the layers of pretence that prevents us from getting to know what’s real.

That’s the objective of every interview – to peel back the layers of the onion, to remove the masks, and to see what’s actually ‘behind the curtain’.

How does one do this? Well, this is precisely what I’m going to share with you in INSIDE THE INTERVIEW: I will help you to understand the interview dynamics, the subtle power-plays, the mindset and motivations of the candidate, and the reasons for their behaviour. And I will teach you the key questions to ask to help reveal the things you need to know.

I’m going to focus on the questions you absolutely MUST ask, and teach you when and how to ask them.

And when you do this, I can guarantee that you are going to have significantly better outcomes than you have ever had before.

IntheFlow – Taking Mindfulness to Work

IntheFlow is a practical, accessible book based on mindfulness principles, which can be easily applied to the workplace – with extraordinary outcomes and benefits for individuals and teams.

IntheFlow is for anyone who is intrigued by mindfulness, is aware of the tremendous impact it can have on one’s life, and is keen to incorporate the concepts and principles into one’s life at work.

Designed as 6-step daily ritual, IntheFlow focuses one’s attention and awareness on the good and great parts of our everyday lives – which are often overlooked, or get lost in the cacophony of stress, anxiety, frustration, exhaustion and overwhelm which seem to be inevitable consequences of our busy-ness.

For leaders and teams, IntheFlow provides a way to practice elements of mindfulness in the workplace, and experience positive and substantial shifts – both individually, and collectively. And for companies who are looking to reduce workplace stress, and create a culture of trust and empathy – which naturally enhances productivity – IntheFlow is an ideal solution!

IntheFlow is not just for work, though. It has also been used to great benefit by other groups – who want to connect in a deeper, more introspective way than what one typically experiences with Facebook or other social media, and families who use IntheFlow as a way to share the highlights (and lowlights) of their day.

IntheFlow is essential reading for anyone who is curious about how to practically incorporate mindfulness principles into an average day, and experience its wonderful benefits – whether you’re an experienced Mindfulness practitioner, or never meditated for a single minute.


IntheFlow is a formula for creating not only a caring, gentle and thoughtful corporate culture, but a happier one. The best part is that it is a frank description of how Debbie made it work in her company – with remarkably little effort! This book will benefit any organisation’s leader.

Ian Mann, Gateway Business Solutions

By having the good sense to recognise that she was racing full-tilt at a concrete wall without a helmet, Debbie discovered the benefits of mindfulness. Her story could change yours. For the better.

Bruce Whitfield, 702

IntheFlow is a both a personal and very practical book introducing readers to the technique of mindfulness and its application in both personal and organisational life. I was touched by the authenticity of the text. It is very readable. Highly recommended

Marc Simon Kahn, Investec

Debbie Goodman-Bhyat has built the bridge between the hectic chaos of everyday business and the clarity and serenity that being present, and in the moment, brings. IntheFlow takes quite an ethereal concept and makes it practical for people to understand and more importantly to apply.

Allon Raiz, Raizcorp

This book is a downright provocative read that is honest, refreshing and energizing, and speaks to the heart. This is a must read for anyone and everyone who is seeking inner peace, joy, and genuine meaning and purpose in their personal and professional lives.

Professor Shirley Zinn, Woolworths

“There are a LOT of self-help books out there for companies and individuals trying to improve. This one is a keeper. It’s not too long, it’s well written, including useful practical tools that are ambitious in their impact but not at all intimidating to get into. I suspect, like my other favourites, Allen Carr’s ‘Easy Way To Quit Smoking’ and ‘The Tao of Coaching’, Debbie’s short book will change behaviour more than most long ones.”

Rob Dower, Allan Gray